Saturday, February 28, 2009

Eidse-Rempel Presentz

March 2009


UW philosophy student Kajia Eidse-Rempel will present her paper "On Abortion" on Wednesday, 4 March. Talk will begin at 12h30, in room 2C15. All welcome!


In Judith Jarvis Thomson’s article "A Defense of Abortion", she attempts to prove that abortion is just even if we assume that the fetus is a person and thus worthy of full moral value. She challenges the premise that the fetus’s (person’s) right to life guarantees it the right to use the woman’s body, by associating body with private property. I will argue that her use of the right to private property is problematic in its own terms, requires further explanation than is given, and treats the issue of abortion in a superficial and trivial manner. The moral and emotional gravity involved in making the decision to end another person’s life is not addressed by a simple rights versus rights calculus. It is a decision that reflects a woman’s understanding of her own value and the value of everything around her, and it ought to be made with full knowledge of its implications.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Yes Men

March 2009

"The Yes Men impersonate captains of industry, agree their way into the fortified compounds of commerce, and then smuggle out stories that provide a hilarious glimpse at the behind-the-scenes world of big business. They have recently pulled off some of their most ambitious and audacious acts, the subject of their latest feature, which premiered at Sundance & Berlin, The Yes Men Fix the World."

Admission is free, everyone is welcome.

Tuesday, 3 March, 19h00, doors open at 18h30, The Winnipeg Art Gallery

UW hosts philosophy speaker

March 2009

Michael W. Hickson, from the Department of Philosophy, University of Western Ontario, will present his paper "Bayle on the Persecutor Paradox". The talk will take place on Monday, 2 March. Talk begins at 12h30, Room 1L06, Lockhardt Hall, University of Winnipeg. All are welcome!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

UM Colloquia -- Dimitrios Dentsoras

February 2009

As part of the University of Manitoba's colloquium series, Professor Dimitrios Dentsoras from the University of Manitoba will present his paper "The Content of Wisdom in Plato and Stoicism" on Friday, 27 February. Talk begins at 14h30 in 384, University College, University of Manitoba.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cameron Boult Presentz

February 2009


UW philosophy student Cameron Boult will present from a paper on Wednesday, 25 January. Talk will begin at 12h30, in room 2C15. All welcome!


Christopher Hill, a proponent of a version of what is known as the "phenomenal concept strategy", argues that Kripke's conceivability argument for dualism can be explained away in terms of certain psychological mechanisms. Kripke's argument states that because we can conceive of such mental states as pain independently of such physical brain processes as, say, "c-fiber firing", these two "rigid designators" cannot refer to the same thing--pain is not something physical, and therefore physicalism is false. Hill argues that physicalism is not false. He argues that the conceivability of pain in the absence of c-fiber firing is only apparent, and can, in fact, be explained away psychologically: distinct faculties of imagination are involved in conceiving of pain and c-fiber firing which make it seem like they are separate entities when they are not. I examine Hill's argument and suggest that he must show that these psychological mechanisms are unreliable--that they indeed present us with an illusion as opposed to what really is the case with regard to pain and c-fiber firing. I argue that he fails to show this, and therefore that his position does not present any considerable challenge to Kripke's dualism.

the party

Hayes Couture a la limbo.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


February 2009

Due to the fact that it is reading week, we will be partying in lieu of our regularly Thursday evening meet at Cousins. For information about place and time, please email

Monday, February 16, 2009

Miami University Conference

February 2009

Philosophy student Sasha Amaya recently presented at Miami University's 8th Annual Undergraduate Conference in Classics at Oxford, Ohio. Her paper was titled "To Telemachus, From Odysseus: A Comparison of Two Poems on Odysseus and His Son".

philosophy on the radio

February 2009

The Institute for Philosophy in Public Life, University of North Dakota, has begun a new radio programme, WHY? With guest speakers in interview the second Sunday of every month, WHY? can be heard on Prairie Public Radio at 17h00 central time, or any time at or

Navigating the Labyrinth

January 2009

UW students Cameron Boult and Sasha Amaya recently presented papers at Navigating the Labyrinth 2009, a conference hosted by Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Boult presented his paper titled "Relativism? Let's Talk About Something Else" and Amaya presented "Perpetual Peace and Homogeneous Harmony".

philosophy at Cousins

January 2009

The UWPhSA meets every Thursday evening around eight o'clock at Cousins, on the corner of Sherbrook and Wolseley.

UW students in HERMES


Congratulations to UW students Ian McMurtrie and Cameron Boult who were recently published in Hermes, the University of Ottawa's undergraduate philosophy journal.

McMurtie's article, "Can Geneva Have a Theatre and Keep its Republic? The Latent Debate Between Rousseau and Schiller on Public Art and Political Freedom", was published in Volume 8 of Hermes.

Boult's "Appearances as They Appear in Kant's Theory of Knowledge" appeared in the same edition.
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