Tuesday, March 31, 2009

books out

April 2009

In an effort to reorganise the Common Room for greater facility (and less neck-aches) help is need in moving shelving in the room, and reorganising the books afterward. Those students who help with the moving and sorting will be welcome to take a few books from the library for their personal collection. This will take place 3 April at 11h30 in the Common Room.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

UM Colloquia - Esa Diaz-Leon

April 2009

Professor Esa Diaz-Leon from the University of Manitoba will present on feminist philosophy on Friday, 3 April. Talk begins at 14h30 in 384, University College, University of Manitoba.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


March 2009

The Philosophy Students' Association will hold an Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 1 April, at 12h30, room TBA. It is very important that as many students as possible be at the meeting, so we can understand the needs and interests of the philosophy student body.

Coordinators of the UWPhSA for 2009-2010 will also be elected at the AGM.

As an official member of the University of Winnipeg's Students' Association (UWSA), the Coordinator of the UWPhSA will also hand in an end of year report to the UWSA. This report will also be read at the UWPhSA's AGM.

UM Colloquia - Dave Davies

March 2009

Professor Dave Davies from McGill University will present on the philosophy of art on Friday, 27 March. Talk begins at 14h30 in 384, University College, University of Manitoba.


March 2009

Thanks to philosophy student Kate Edmond for thinking up this great name for next year's philosophy dodgeball team -- or was she describing what happened at the Duckworth Centre last night? Indeed, yesterday was a very exhilarating and rewarding tournament:

Best Catcher: Kruse
Best Dodger: Boult
Best Showdown: Boldt
Best Surprise Star: Schwartz
Best Ball-Collecting Strategist: Nelson
Best Starfish-shape-forming jumper: Hayes Couture
Most active coach: Amaya

Friday, March 13, 2009

dodgeball roster

March 2009

The Bombardier Dodgeball Team:

1. Ryan Boldt
2. Cameron Boult
3. Damon Hayes Couture
4. Marc Kruse
5. Jamie Nelson
6. Mathew Schwartz

Team plays at 17h on Friday, 20 March in the Duckworth Centre.

UM Colloquia - Rob Shaver

March 2009

Professor Rob Shaver from the University of Manitoba will present "Utilitarianism: Bentham and Rashdall" on Friday, 20 March. Talk begins at 14h30 in 384, University College, University of Manitoba.

The Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics II

March 2009

The dog by the cradle, the serpent beneath: some paradoxes of human-animal relationships
Erika Ritter
Tuesday, 17 March, 12h30-13h30
Private Dining Room, University College

Erika Ritter is a novelist, playwright, essayist and radio broadcaster. Her latest book is The Dog by the Cradle, The Serpent Beneath.


The Case of Samuel Golobchuk: Lessons about end-of-life decision-making?
A debate between Doctors Joel Zivot and Adrian Fine
Wednesday, 18 March, 12h30-13h30
Private Dining Room, University College

Joel Zivot is an Emergency Room Specialist who cared for Mr. Golobchuk at the ICU at the Grace Hospital.

Adrian Fine specialises in kidney diseases and was critical of the role of the court in the Golobchuk case.

Monday, March 9, 2009

UW call for interdisciplinary work in linguistics

March 2009

The University of Winnipeg invites students to submit a paper on any topic related to the study of linguistics. Accepted authors will be invited to present for 15 minutes, on 20 April 2009, at the UW's 10th Annual Interdisciplinary Linguistics Colloquia.

Submissions should be comprised of an abstract, title, and personal contact information including name and email address. All submissions are due 31 March 2009.

Please send all submissions to George Fulford, Department of Anthropology, at g.fulford@mac.com.

The Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics

March 2009

As part of its Lecture Series Winter 2009: Poverty, Politics, Ethics, Animals, Death, the University of Manitoba presents:

The ethics of ethics: Reflections on the public role of ethicists
Professor Daniel Weinstock
Friday, 13 March 2009, 12h30-13h30
160 Dafoe (The Library Theatre), University of Manitoba

Professor Weinstock is a member of the Department of Philosophy, Université de Montréal, and Director of the Centre for Research Ethics. He is the author of The Challenge of Pluralism.

UM Colloquia - Jeremy Fantl

March 2009

Professor Jeremy Fantl from the University of Calgary will present "The Role of Knowledge in Justification" on Friday, 13 March. Talk begins at 14h30 in 384, University College, University of Manitoba.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Final Session in the Presentz Series

March 2009


UW philosophy student Sasha Amaya will present her paper "Aristotle, Appropriateness and the Self" on Wednesday, 11 March. Talk will begin at 12h30 in room 2C15. All welcome!


Aristotle has often been accused of having a selfish or egoistic ethics, which, prima facie, does not seem wholly untrue. However, I shall argue that upon closer examination these accusations are misplaced for two reasons: firstly, because they are based on an interpretation ofAristotle's claims which is isolated from the rest of his thought, and, secondly, because they are based on a modern notion of the self. Specifically, I will be concerned with addressing Thomas Hurka's criticisms of Aristotle, for it was his comments last autumn that first piqued my interested in this subject.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

UW hosts philosophy speaker

March 2009

Bryan Smyth, from the Department of Philosophy, University of Memphis, will present "Merleau-Ponty and Transcendental Philosophy". The talk will take place on Monday, 9 March. Talk begins at 12h30, Room 1L06, Lockhardt Hall, University of Winnipeg. All are welcome!

Monday, March 2, 2009

dodgeball challenge

March 2009

The UW Athletic Therapy Students Association challenges student groups to a dodgeball tournament. Seeing how excellent the philosophy students are at limbo, is any one up for the challenge? We need, minimally, six dodgers. Email uwphsa@gmail.com if interested.

UM Colloquia - Joseph Levine

March 2009

Professor Joseph Levine from the University of Massachusetts Amherst will present "Demonstrative Thought" on Friday, 6 March. Talk begins at 14h30 in 384, University College, University of Manitoba.