Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Final Session in the Presentz Series

March 2009


UW philosophy student Sasha Amaya will present her paper "Aristotle, Appropriateness and the Self" on Wednesday, 11 March. Talk will begin at 12h30 in room 2C15. All welcome!


Aristotle has often been accused of having a selfish or egoistic ethics, which, prima facie, does not seem wholly untrue. However, I shall argue that upon closer examination these accusations are misplaced for two reasons: firstly, because they are based on an interpretation ofAristotle's claims which is isolated from the rest of his thought, and, secondly, because they are based on a modern notion of the self. Specifically, I will be concerned with addressing Thomas Hurka's criticisms of Aristotle, for it was his comments last autumn that first piqued my interested in this subject.

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